Evans the Death – Expect Delays

What I Think of When I Think of This Artist (part 2)

Expect delays, indeed. Despite having and adoring Evans the Death’s first album for some time, it took me inexplicably long to acquire the second album from the always reliable Slumberland Records. I have rarely been so gratified by a purchase. I love this band.

What I Think of This Album

It’s not that this album is better or weaker than the band’s debut. It’s that they are both of a piece, and I am very tempted to tell you that the best way to listen to each is to play them back-to-back. Evans the Death should be an immersive experience, honoring the strength and beauty of Katherine Whittaker’s swooping vocals and Dan Moss’s intrepid songcraft. 

As with the first album, I feel like it would be insulting to single out individual tracks. Expect Delays is art, and you should experience the flow and the moods and the sonics in one dedicated sitting. Whittaker’s voice is like a moody, recalcitrant magic carpet and you’d be a fool to chop up the thrilling ride into three minute legs. For his part, Moss seems to have a bottomless bag of tricks, and is able to pull from shoegaze, indie-pop, and girl-group with ease and aplomb.

For an album dripping with drama and offering possibly disorienting vistas, it remains solidly grounded and thoroughly satisfying on a molecular level. I have fully and willingly given myself over to this record.

The Best Thing About This Album

How it creates it’s own world.

Release Date


The Cover Art

Utterly horrible.

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