Saturday Looks Good to Me – One Kiss Ends It All

What I Think of When I Think of This Artist (part 6)

Do call it a comeback, no matter what LL Cool J prefers. Though Saturday Looks Good to Me had been here for years, they were quiet after 2007’s ill-considered Fill Up the Room but with One Kids Ends It All arriving five plus years later, Fred Thomas and friends made one their best albums. It appears that it was the final SLGTM album and if so, they went out on an impressive high.

What I Think of This Album

I don’t know if the return to the Polyvinyl label held deeper significance for the band, but the move home is emblematic of Fred Thomas’s consolidation of his project’s traditional strengths on this album. Thomas not only (wisely) cedes almost all the vocal duties back to a cohort of female collaborators, he also amplifies his studio trickery in ways not heard since the early days of the band. And, as usual, his melodies are impeccable.

Among the highlights are the clever “Negative Space,” which seeks to aurally live up to its title; the tape manipulation of opener “One Kiss”; and the echo and reverb which drip off of songs like “Break In” and the dreamy “Are You Kissing Anyone?”

There is a heartbreaking beauty to tunes such as “New City,” with its lilting melody and woozy horns, and the delicate “Invisible Friend”; a scruffy charm to numbers such as the lite soul/funk (no, really – it works) of “Polar Bear”; and an undeniable joy when “Sunglasses On” arrives.

Kudos to vocalists Betty Marie Barnes, Carol Catherine, Autumn Wetli, and Amber Fellows. Detroit guitarist Shelley Salant (Tyvek, Swimsuit) guests. Wetli, Fellows, and Salant are all in Rebel King.

The Best Thing About This Album

The very welcome return to form.

Release Date

May, 2013

The Cover Art

Actually, considering how shit Saturday Looks Good to Me’s album art normally is, this isn’t bad. It’s a Fred Thomas illustration.

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