Sahara Hotnights – Jennie Bomb

What I Think of When I Think of This Artist

The Ss are here. This might be the largest subsection of my collection. This is going to take *so* long. But it will be fun. Sahara Hotnights has the privilege of opening this chapter. Formed in Sweden around 1991, named after a racehorse, and partially comprised of the sisters Asplund (Jennie and Johanna), Sahara Hotnights released their debut album in 1999. Two years later, they released Jennie Bomb (though it didn’t hit US shores until 2002). They have released a total of six albums, none since 2011 (with a seventh rumored to be on the way).

What I Think of This Album

I won’t belabor the point about how this band should’ve been bigger. I will say only that if these songs had been arranged and produced a little differently, Pat Benatar could’ve had a hit with almost any one of them in 1983. Instead, in 2002, this was lumped in with the garage rock revival in general, and the Scandinavian garage rock explosion in specific.

But as attested to by the fact that I own two Sahara Hotnights albums and exactly zero Hives, Soundtrack of Our Lives, or Hellacopters discs, I think this band has better songs than your average Land of the Midnight Sun guitar basher, mixing punk trappings, glossy hard rock, and garage rock attitude.

And by better songs, I just mean more enjoyable songs. Nothing here is all that memorable, frankly, but almost every song is pretty damn fun. It makes it hard not to root for this quartet, who know their way around a melody. A couple of times, the sound maybe approaches a sort of arena rock Sleater-Kinney, when the band experiments with a little bit of indie texture?

Apparently there are distinct Swedish, UK, US, and Australian versions of this album. Jennie Bomb is named after band member Jennie Asplund.

The Best Thing About This Album

I think song title “Alright Alright (Here’s My Fist Where’s the Fight)” is hilarious.

Release Date

2001; 2002 (US)

The Cover Art

This is the US release cover. It’s not bad. I like the script and the two tone photo and the font for the band name. The color scheme is the only element I would change.

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