Marshall Crenshaw – The 9 Volt Years (Battery Powered Demos & Curios (1979-198?))

What I Think of When I Think of This Artist (part 3)

Marshall Crenshaw toured with the Bottle Rockets for a period. I think the way it worked is the Bottle Rockets acted as his backing band and then they played their own set. I had a couple of opportunities to see that show but it never worked out, and now the Bottle Rockets have broken up, but really, this is a minor regret in a lifetime of many more, and much more deeply, stupid decisions.

What I Think of This Album

There are multiple reasons to own this album, though whether they withstand scrutiny, individually or collectively, is an open question:  a) the early, scrappy version of “Someday, Someway”; b) the lost song “Run Back to You”; c) the country collaboration between Robert Crenshaw and his future brother-in-law, “She’s Not You”; d) early song “First Love”; e) a thick sounding version of “Something’s Gonna Happen”; f) a superior version of “Rockin’ Around in NYC” (which is still, admittedly, nothing special); and g) the liner notes from Crenshaw. Obviously, this is for fans only, and even then, debatable.

The Best Thing About This Album

I like the demo version of “Someday, Someway.”

Release Date


The Cover Art

I am into the color scheme and the split image. The font could be better. Overall, not bad.

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