The Velvet Underground – 1969: The Velvet Underground Live With Lou Reed, Vol. 2

What I Think of When I Think of This Artist (part 7)

These discs are probably the best of the VU live albums I own. Max’s Kansas City lacks Maureen Tucker and the sound quality is poor, and while the reunion album is heartwarming, this is a much more vibrant document of the band at possibly the peak of their power.

What I Think of This Album

This second disc of live material from shows in San Francisco and Dallas, on this set you are gifted a revelatory version of “Ocean” with masterful drumming from Moe Tucker, an excellent performance of “Pale Blue Eyes,” a surprisingly sedate “Heroin,” a blistering run through “White Light/White Heat,” and Doug Yule singing “I’ll Be Your Mirror.” Also fun for fans are two songs not found on any studio album:  “Over You” and “Sweet Bonnie Brown/It’s Just Too Much.” The former is a sweet, self-reflective number that would’ve worked well on the third album, while the latter medley is a lively romp with multiple fun solos that foretells the sound of Loaded. Both are worth the price of admission by themselves. Bonus track “I Can’t Stand It” is a welcome, frenetic treat, adding almost eight minutes to the proceedings.

The Best Thing About This Album

The new songs.

Release Date

September, 1974

The Cover Art

This is the same as Vol. 1

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