Cinerama – Torino

What I Think of When I Think of This Artist (part 3)

I own four Cinerama albums, which surprises me a bit (though I know for a fact I used to own at least two more). I gutted it out through two reviews but I think I’ve hit my limit. As explained elsewhere, I just can’t dwell on this music right now. This was the last Cinerama studio album, at least as far as I am concerned. There was a 2015 release, but that was essentially a novelty item – Gedge convened musicians to play a Wedding Present album in the style of Cinerama, and it did not involve Sally Murrell at all. So . . . fuck that.

What I Think of This Album

By this album, the original vision for Cinerama had been compromised. With former Wedding Present guitarist Simon Cleave fully on board, and a rhythm section (including bassist Terry de Castro, who had played with Animals That Swim) also formally part of the band, the music of Cinerama bounded back towards the old Wedding Present sound.

The combination of louder, distorted guitars and orchestral arrangements is sometimes a bit forced, but the fact is that Gedge is certainly a strong enough songwriter to make it work, and Torino is packed with excellent songs, many of which sound fantastic (“Airborne” sounds like classic Cinerama, for example).

Steve Albini had a hand in the production, and Rachel Davies plays the violin again.

The Best Thing About This Album

“Two Girls,” probably, or the guitar intensity of “Cat Girl Tights,” but I can’t really make the effort to be disciplined about this. Most of the tracks are excellent.

Release Date

July, 2002

The Cover Art

Very cool, if perhaps a bit trite? The palette is dull (as in, not vibrant and also boring).

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