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What I Think of When I Think of This Artist

I literally know almost nothing about this band, other that they are a trio from San Francisco and have a possibly unhealthy love of the Jesus and Mary Chain. I am almost as certain as I can be that I bought this because it’s on Slumberland and they’re a label I sort of implicitly trust, and I probably listened to a few samples of this on the label website. 

What I Think of This Album

This is essentially comfort food, insofar as a grey sour patch gummy worm can be considered comfort food. There is nothing original here, but it sounds cool. Equal parts Jesus and Mary Chain, Joy Division, and Suicide stylings, Weekend gives you the dark, noisy, atmospheric, textured rock you want when you don’t want to actually think about what you’re listening to. Look, I own it, so I like it, but I also recognize that it’s “good” only in the sense that it’s entertaining, and “not good” in the sense that it’s completely insignificant.

At its best, Weekend imbues these songs with some personality. “Coma Summer” sounds like a chainsaw in a wind tunnel, with a driving rhythm and vocals perfectly buried in the mix, as if vocalist Shaun Durkan is drowning in a sea of bees. “Monday Morning” has a mysterious, looped vocal intro, augmented by bass and guitar (and maybe keyboards? – there is no keyboard in the credits, but there is so much reverb and echo and more, it’s hard to tell what is going on), and developing into a stately quasi-instrumental piece. A decent melody informs feedback-wrapped “Monongah, WV.” There is an understated grace and beauty to “Veil,” despite the intense arrangement (the floor tom hits towards the end are wonderful). “End Times” benefits from a Peter Hook-like bass part.

The Best Thing About This Album

“Coma Summer” seems like the single here.

Release Date

November, 2010

The Cover Art

This is cool. I wish there was only one of the image, but regardless, it fits perfectly with the music and I like the white border on the bottom and the fading in the upper right hand corner (which you can’t see here).

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