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What I Think of When I Think of This Artist

Lisa Marr is a goddamn treasure and deserves to have statues chiseled in her honor, or at least given some kind of special dual Canadian-U.S. citizenship. She gave us three great albums of clever, sugary, and often hilarious twee-pop with Cub and one excellent punk-pop album with Bu¢K, before moving on to the country-influenced Lisa Marr Experiment; more recently there was her collaboration with equally-fantastic Kim Shattuck in the Beards. She is a smart lyricist, talented melodicist, and more-nimble-than-might-appear singer. Marr deserves to be much better known.

What I Think of This Album

After Cub broke up, Marr and drummer Lisa G. moved from Vancouver to L.A., found guitarist Pepper Barry, and picked up as the newly formed Bu¢K. Is it an accident that Bu¢K is just Cub pronounced backwards? I think not. Bu¢K’s sole album continues the trend from Cub of moving in a harder direction, while also hinting at the future with a slight country influence. Overall, this is a sweet-and-sour (and oddly death-obsessed) concoction that relies on Marr’s way with a tune and her sharp lyrics.

Most of what you get here is top-shelf pop-punk, from the crunchy and celebratory “My Fascination,” buzzsaw “She’s In Another World” (co-written with Joe Queer of the Queers); sugary and death-baiting “Suicide Pact” (which borrows slightly from Simon & Garfunkel’s “The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)”) equally death-focused “Cesare Said;” and stop/start “Paris, France.” There is a harmony-rich, chiming ballad (“The Day I Died”), which is just okay and hints at country, as does opener “Old Blue Sweater,” which has a slight cowpunk feel. Capitalism comes under fire in the frustrated “American Express,” and I believe it’s Lisa G. who gets silly on the geeky “Greek Drama” (“You are Ionic but I am Doric”). And Marr absolutely shreds her vocal cords on the angry “Sucker,” which needs to be played at full volume.

The hidden 13th track is just the entire album replayed. Marr’s spouse for a time was Shattuck’s bandmate in the Muffs, Ronnie Barrett.

The Best Thing About This Album

“Sucker” is some cathartic shit.

Release Date

September, 1998

The Cover Art

I guess it’s amusing.

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