The Bats – Free All the Monsters

What I Think of When I Think of This Artist (part 6)

I am profoundly unhappy and have been for most of my life. Music provides solace, comfort, escape, beauty, and inspiration. I love the Bats. They are so good at helping me feel ok for a little bit. I hope you have something like that.

What I Think of This Album

This is a wonderful album – arguably the best of their career (though I still prefer Silverbeet by a very slim margin), and how often can you say that about a band on its eighth album and in its fourth decade?

Honestly, there is almost no point describing each song on here. The melodies, guitars, and vocals are mesmerizing on every track. Kaye Woodward’s guitar will liberate your soul. Robert Scott and Woodward’s vocals will encircle you and protect your from harm for almost 43 full minutes. The bass and drums will suspend you over waves of despair. I make no promises about the viola, dulcimer, and mandolin accents, but I am confident they can only help. “Canopy” is probably the best instrumental they’ve ever written. This was recorded in a former asylum in New Zealand (and released on the Flying Nun label). You owe it to yourself to buy this album.

The Best Thing About This Album

“Fingers of Dawn,” though it could just as easily be “Spacejunk,” the title track, “Simpletons,” “Getting Over You,” “It’s Not the Same,” or “Long Halls.”

Release Date

October, 2011

The Cover Art

Not bad, and considering the Bats’ history in this respect, pretty good, actually. I approve of the bold handwriting-like font and the photo offers a forbidden peek at the band making magic.

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